Here are some user made mods for Fast Break College Basketball, a text sim published by Grey Dog Software. I’ve also added a few for Fast Break Pro Basketball 3, since that game was recently released.

The mods are fan-made add-ons that enhance play. In the case where I didn’t make them, I use the handle of the maker. These are just listed here for public service and hosted at mediafire, not by me.

FBCB Coach Calculator

NCAA Division 3 Mod

NCAA Division 2 Mod (Balldog)

African Names Mod

NJ High School Mod

2014 Realignment Mod (TargetPractice)

Logo Pack + Teams.csv (Dawgfan)

Future realignment team + conference CSV (4/12/2013) (britrock88)

Real Coaches File (korme)

D1/D2/D3 Combined Mod (britrock88/TargetPractice/Balldog/ScottV/darkcloud)

Here are mods for Fast Break Pro Basketball 3 released in 2013

African Names Mod for FBPB3
Women’s Pro Names Mod for FBPB3
Japan, Qatar & Egypt Mods
Korean Names Mod & League Files
Indian Premier League (Names & League mod)