Arena Baseball 15 (OOTP thread)

This is the 3rd year of this quickstart, which is exactly what it sounds like — arena simulated baseball – with park factors that simulate the indoor baseball experience.I tested a lot last year and created a version that felt more like baseball. So while you get huge scoring games, it’s still possible in this version to get pitchers duels and to have very close games, which I liked. Also the talent level is so bad that it compensates for their terribleness by keeping games close, which is nice.

It’s two conferences of 16 teams each. Regular season is now just 42 games, which is down from what it was earlier — needed to tweak — the current year is 2018.

200+ years of Baseball | OOTP Thread

I’ve been playing and migrating from version to version for six years now. Everyone who has played it over the years, marvels at how much rich history the league has and so, you’ll enjoy it if you’re looking for a quickstart with lots of history without having to do all of the work from scratch!

India Premier League (IPL) Quickstart | OOTP Thread

Based off the Twenty20 Cricket league of the same team, I took the teams and brought them over to baseball and wonder why I didn’t think of it sooner. Probably because I haven’t been playing much OOTP the past two or so years outside of leagues.

North American Baseball Association Quickstart | OOTP Thread

This quickstart wasn’t created by me, but by Ben E Lou for OOTP13. I’ve just moved it up to OOTP15, after a lot of people asked and I happened to have the older versions of the game along with the newer ones. Consider it a public service.

Also here’s the OOTP14 version for the Luddites who haven’t upgraded yet.

GM Excel Online | Simplified version of my market calculator

GM Excel 10.75