As of May 2013, SLOP13 was retired. 

SLOP grew from a concept league in late 2011 to a full-fledged online fast-sim league. We use Out of the Park Baseball as our simulation engine.

SLOP is fast-sim OOTP for the player who wants to play without being forced to turn his online league into a second job. We sim the season every other week, with the off-season simmed in the “off” week, but sims only occur about 4 days a week, making it a lot easier to keep up with your team. Since June, we’ve been using Out of the Park Baseball 13 simulation engine.

As of February 2013, we have 20 human teams split between two leagues, one with the DH and the other without. The top 3 teams in each league make the playoffs. Our financial system is simple and done outside of OOTP. We employ a draft lottery for non-playoff teams and are always on the cutting edge of innovations aimed at making the game more interesting and fun.

Like always with fast-sim, it’s possible to set your team up and not check in everyday. It’s great for people who enjoy the solo experience, but want a bit more of a challenge playing against live people.

You can access SLOP links here:

Standings (League Report)

League File (use JZip to extract)

GM Settings File (Put in your SLOP.lg/settings folder)

Draft Pick Tracker